Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sunday Fiasco...

First, I'm very thankful that we had a special evening worship service at church tonight. Attending our Music Gala really lifted my spirits, and helped me calm down from the "incident" today.

If I had tried to blog out my feelings beforehand, I'd need a censorship button :)

I think the worst part of the whole situation, was knowing my daughter succumbed to the pressure of "impressing" her friend, and acted very poorly.

My daughter (9) and her friend were in her bedroom playing, when her friend came downstairs and whispered to my son (4) that my daughter wanted him to come upstairs to play. Now, my mommy radar was going off..but I wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt (slaps forehead).

About 45 seconds later, I hear him begin to yell, which suddenly became muffled...hmm. Going upstairs, I saw him sprawled out on the floor on his stomach, with my daughter on top of him, barking in his ear asking why he was in her room bothering her (?!).

Apparently, she didn't request his presence, and the friend took it upon herself to invite him up, thinking it would be funny (my daughter was ignoring the friend momentarily). Once he was upstairs, everything fell apart, and dd decided to "strut her stuff" and show off.

Being the 3rd and youngest child in a family, I have been the recipient of many cruel gags in my life. It's not something I tolerate well. I was very disappointed and angry at the two girls. I was more angry at my daughter though, because she knows better than to act that way towards her brother...We had a long talk with all of them, and I still haven't finished with her yet. I think we will need to work together this week on some issues.

I know the ordeal wasn't much, really, in the long run. But, my child is more mature than that! Our family tries to emphasize a close-knit, loving relationship. Not "my brother/sister is a punching bag, watch this!"


Today just reminded me that we're "not quite there yet" with our progress.

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