Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Fired Dryer...part 2

I've just washed/dried our 6th load of laundry without my dryer. The only adjustment I've made is adding fabric softener to my wash. That has helped with the stiff feeling from line dried clothing. I've also found that it works much better doing one load of laundry per day. This may seem a little tedious, but I have found that I actually like it better. I don't end up with an enormous load of folded clothes to deal with. Typically, I wash a load of laundry around 7am, and have it hanging up by 8am. The next morning, I usually fold the clothes while the next load is washing. It's a pretty simple process!

So, all in all, we're going to continue our adventures in a dryer-less world :) Stay tuned for more updates as the seasons change!

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