Monday, April 02, 2007

Driving with Jesus

I love to go driving. This past weekend I drove from NC to AL and back...I was driving alone all the way back. I really love all of that time to myself. I always spend a lot of time with my Lord. I usually end up being convicted of something (Which is a great thing!) This weekend was no different.

God convicted me on a few things.
1) My recent attitude at work
2) My failure to be faithful in my devotional time
3) My failure to step out of my comfort zone
4) My lack of acknowledging Jesus Christ as MY Lord.

I have been lead by my selfish pride and laziness lately. I started living worldy, which is a dangerous habit to pick up! I'm so thankful that my God loves me so much that He opens my heart to these things.

I have started reading a book I have had on my shelf collecting dust (part of my growing McArthur collection) with my husband..and we have picked up our morning bible studies once more. I'm looking around for a bible study that might be good to invite people (non-believers) to my house to study with. I have some neighbors that I have been ignoring spiritually for way to long. I've been afraid to approach them. I can't continue to do that!!!!

God has given me the peace I have needed to get past that uncomfort level that has kept me at bay.

Pray for me!!!!!! I do not want to slip back into my lazy ways. Now more than ever I realize that Jesus Christ is MY LORD! And I want to devote my time to serving HIS will and spreading HIS love!

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