Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Advice from a "Christian"

An article I was reading on a blog here got me to thinking about a conversation I had with a co-worker a few months ago... We have a mutual friend that is a non-believer (she's semi-muslim -- long story)...She's constantly having marital problems and various stress in her life.

My friend and I (who, btw, claims to be a Christian) were having a conversation, and it turned to our other friend. She made a comment that our friend needed to "get rid of that sorry husband of hers" and it would solve all of her problems. I rebutted with "No, she needs Jesus in her life".. My friend...the CHRISTIAN...proceeded to argue that her problem wasn't that she was not saved..but that she needed a new husband!!!!!!!

How can we, Christians, actually think anyone would need anything more than Jesus Christ? But it happens all the time. And you can see the effects of that everywhere...especially in church.

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