Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Peace in Submission

..Yeah, you read the title right. And yes, I, Shannon, am saying you can find peace in submission. Yes, me, the headstrong, stubborn, "women's lib all the way", "I DON'T NEED A MAN TO TELL ME WHAT TO DO"---yes, that girl...Is saying that there is peace in submission.
I remember when John and I were first married, and we were talking about submission, and how a wife is to submit to her husband. I thought I was going to have an aneurysm. He supported his side with scripture, and we prayed about it. I think he prayed more than I did - lots more. I'll be honest. I hated the idea of having to be submissive to him. I grew up in a very matriarchal family. All of the women, my grandmother, aunt, mother, sister, all of them "ruled" their marriages. So to hear someone tell me "nuh uh" on that...Well, yeah, that flew over well.

Thankfully, God is faithful, and he started changing my heart. He has taken the thorn of "utter independance" out of my side, and replaced it with a husband that doesn't dangle my submissive role over my head.

I have learned that there's so much freedom in submission!

I can only explain it through the power of our Lord. As we live according to His will, we are rewarded. It is His will that a wife submit to her husband.

Of course, this is not the general concensus of our society. I get made fun of by my female friends at work when we discuss this matter. They tell me how they put "their man" in place, etc. I'm told that I'm nieve for letting John have control of the situation. Sometimes I'm even told that I'm stupid for not "stepping up" in the relationship. Taking the submissive role isn't easy. We see daily how that's not the norm. We are ridiculed when we don't conform to that norm. I believe Satan attacks us in this area with a brutal force, because if he can make us err here, it affects our marriage, our family, and our worship.

All I can say is pray about it. Pray about having a submissive spirit. Pray that God gives you delight in being submissive. Act on faith, and trust in Him to take care of things.

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