Monday, July 27, 2009

Marriage Retreat

John and I just returned from a wonderful Marriage Retreat. We had a wonderful time, and grew closer to God (and one another through Christ!) Ric and Cindy Cadle lead the sessions (they are great!)

(view from 3rd floor)

One item discussed that stuck with me was the fact that we cannot fulfill all of our spouse's needs. We...cannot! Only Christ Jesus can fulfill all of our needs! Think about that carefully. So many times, I have beat myself up because I couldn't fulfill every single need of my husband. I wasted so much energy focusing on something that I'm not supposed to do! Simply put, we aren't supposed to be our spouse's number one supporter in their life. (We come in a close second!) Our Lord and Savior should always be number one!

Additionally, I learned that although my life may be "good" right now (including my marriage), God can always make it great. IF I let Him! That's something we must ask ourselves: Do we want our life to be "good" or "Great!"? Do you want to settle?

I hadn't thought about it that way. I realize now that when I choose worldly desires over a Christ-centered decision (spending more time doing recreational things than studying God's word for example) I'm denying myself the opportunity to experience something great.

John and I have already decided that we're definitely going to the marriage retreat next year (Ridgecrest, NC). I strongly urge married couples to find a marriage retreat to attend. Once you've experienced one, you'll never be the same!

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